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About Us

TagTorch believes in complete transparency when it comes to our customers. Therefore, we seek to let our customers get to know about us and what we do best.

Our team at TagTorch strives to bring a variety of products to supply you with the tools needed to run your mechanical shops, carpentries and ultimately your businesses as well. Moreover, we keep adding new products to our store to fulfill the needs of our customers. TagTorch offers hundreds of brands and thousands of products from many categories, ranging from businesses and homes all the way to entertainment and fitness industries.

However, TagTorch acts as a source center for its customers. If you cannot find your desired products on this platform, please request a quote and our sales team will be there to serve and help you reach your needs. Our goal is to not let your supplies cut down at any time. TagTorch exists for its customers and it is our passion to serve you.  

TagTorch About Us Globe

TagTorch is proud to provide our customers with some details and features of our highly qualified team's efforts!

  • We deliver whatever product you may need with quick and easy online ordering
  • Our team understands you and your business’ needs. Whether you need products for public projects, or if you're a commercial contractor, a manufacturer, whether you are in the food & hospitality sector or if you work in healthcare. In other words, whatever field or career you may specialize in, we will be there to provide you with our services
  • Request a quote and get our best available prices for any products you may require
  • Our goal is to provide top-notch customer service and source products that may fit your needs
  • Most importantly, we offer an easy and user-friendly shopping platform with everything you need right at your finger tips. Our goal is to make your business stay right on track

In other words, the main objective of TagTorch is to provide excellent service and quality products to its valuable customers.