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Ectovit - Agricultual Treatment for Plants


Ectovit - Agricultual Treatment for Plants

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Ectovit - Agricultual Treatment for Plants
MFR : Symbiom

A product based on the exceptional abilities of several special strains of mycorrhizal fungi which form a symbiosis with evergreen and broadleaf trees. ECTOVIT is a liquid product which is easy to prepare and use and provides your plants with a lifelong partner for superior growth, vitality and resistance. Mycorrhizal fungi contained in the product connect to the roots of your tree and bring it water and nutrients for its entire life

Benefits of ECTOVIT:
- Better nutrition and helth of the trees
- Decreased mortality after transplanting
- Significantly reduced need of watering and fertilizing
- Increased resistance to environmental stress (drought, transplanting etc.)
- Improved uptake of essential nutrients, especially phosphorus, which leads to faster and healthier growth